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Ligeti, György: Sämtliche Werke für a capella Chor

[Translate to Englisch:] Ligeti, György: Sämtliche Werke für a capella Chor
Year published



Ligeti, György


Weinberg, Yuval

SWR Vokalensemble


Disc 1 (55:27) GYÖRGY SÁNDOR LIGETI 1 Haj, ifjuság! | Hey, Youth! 2 Pápainé | Mrs. Pápai Kállai kettös | Couple Dances from Kálló 3 I. 4 II. Mátraszentimrei Dalok | Songs from Mátraszentimre 5 I. Három hordó | Three Barrels 6 II. Igaz szelerem | True Love 7 III. Gomb, gomb | Button, Button 8 IV. Erdöbe, erdöbe | In the Woods, in the Woods 9 Magány | Solitude Éjszaka – Reggel 10 I. Éjszaka | Night 11 II. Reggel | Morning 12 Húsvét | Easter 1 13 Betlehemi királyok | The Three Kings of Bethlehem 14 Chorlied nach Goethe | Choir Song after Goethe 15 Choral 2 16 A varró lányok | The Seamstresses 2 Idegen földön | In a Strange Land 17 I. Siralmas nékem | It Is Woeful for Me 18 II. Egy fekete holló | A Black Raven 3 19 III. Vissza ne nézz | Don't Look Back 20 IV. Fujdogál a nyári szél | The Summer Wind Is Blowing 21 Bujdosó | The Fugitive 4 22 Magos kösziklának | On the Side of a High Cliff Négy lakodalmi tánc | Four Wedding Dances 5, 8 23 I. 24 II. 25 III. 26 IV. 27 Lakodalmas | Wedding Song Inaktelki nóták | Songs from Inaktelke 6 Drei ungarische Volkslieder | Three Hungarian folk songs 28 I. 29 II. 30 III.

Disc 2 (59:48) 1 Hortobágy 2 Temetés a tengeren | Burial at Sea Hajnal | Dawn 3 Hajnal I. | Dawn I 4. Hajnal II. | Dawn II 5 Hajnal III. | Dawn III 6 Burját aratódal | Buryat Harvest Song 7 Nagy idök | Great Times 8 Dereng már a hajnal | Dawn Is Breaking 9 Tél | Winter Két Balassa Bálint-kórus Two Choirs on Poems by Bálint Balassa 10 Csillagok palotája | Palace of Stars 11 Mezök illatoznak... | Fragrant Meadows… 12 Orbán 13 Az asszony és a katona | The Woman and the Soldier Két kánon | Two Canons 6, 7 14 I. Ha folyóvíz volnék | If I Were a River 15 II. Pletykázó asszonyok | Gossiping Women 16 Lux aeterna Magyar Etüdök | Hungarian Etudes nach Gedichten von Sándor Weöres after Poems by Sándor Weöres 17 I. Etude No. 9 18 II. Etude No. 49, No. 40 19 III. Etude No. 90 Drei Fantasien nach Friedrich Hölderlin Three Fantasies after Friedrich Hölderlin 20 I. Hälfte des Lebens 21 II. Wenn aus der Ferne 22 III. Abendphantasie

In addition to his popular compositions such as orchestral works and chamber music, György Ligeti also wrote vocal music, among them numerous and demanding a cappella choral works. These, just like his canonically treated instrumental works, reflect his changes of style. With the exception of the Latin Lux aeterna (1966) and Three Fantasies after Friedrich Hölderlin (1982) Ligeti exclusively set Hungarian poetry to music, showing a marked preference for texts by Bálint Balassa (1554–1594) and Sándor Weöres (1913–1989). Ligeti wanted to set the respective contents to music programmatically but focussed especially on particular phonetic sound sequences, rhythms, intonations and accentuations of the Hungarian language. Translations of this speech music are nigh on impossible and even dispensable as you do not have to understand the words in order to experience the choral works as music that is rich in tone colours, rhythmically concise and extremely expressive. The SWR Vokalensemble is one of the international top ensembles on the professional choir scene. Ever since the ensemble was founded almost 75 years ago it has devoted its passion and extraordinary vocal competence to exemplary performances and the further development of vocal music. Award-winning Yuval Weinberg has been the chief conductor of the SWR Vokalensemble since the beginning of the season 2020/2021.


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