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Ballets Russes

The famous ballet music by Sergey Djagilev in a high-quality composition with the SWR (Southwestern German Radio) Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden and Freiburg

Carl Schuricht Edition

Shows the work of the conductor with the former SDR (South German Radio) Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart in the 1960s

Charles Koechlin

The SWR recordings of Charles Koechlin´s compositions were created in close collaboration with the archive Charles Koechlin. They consist of chamber music and symphonic compositions, including some world premiere recordings.

Fritz Wunderlich

The voice of the tenor legend lives in the "Lied" as well as in the great arias from operas that he has given within his short life at SWR.

Hans Rosbaud

This worldwide popular edition is a homage to the house conductor of the high-quality Southwestern German Radio Symphony Orchestra. He played a key role in the development of the orchestra.

Historic Recordings

Great contemporary compositions including several world premiere recordings.

Countries Local

The SWR Vocal Ensemble presents popular and contemporary composers, thematically listed by country.

Michael Gielen Edition

This is an epochal overview of the SWR conductor who has been working for decades.

New Jewish School

Zeichnet das Bild einer musikalischen Epoche Ende des 19. / Beginn des 20. Jahrhundert, die durch die politischen Entwicklungen in Europa behindert, unterbrochen und schließlich ganz gestoppt wurde.

New Music Digital

Contemporary composers, recorded at the Eclat Festival, digital only

Schwetzinger Festspiele

Has always been presenting the who is who of the international music scene

SWR Young Classix

Famous storytellers and a large orchestra tell enchanting musical fairy tales

Wolfgang Rihm

Awesome contemporary compositions, including several world premiere recordings.