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Karl Böhm - The SWR Recordings

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Ludwig van Beethoven

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Johannes Brahms

Robert Schumann

Antonín Dvořák

Paul Hindemith


Karl Böhm


Philharmonischer Chor Stuttgart


Sinfonieorchester des Süddeutschen Rundfunks

Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des SWR

Ruth-Margret Pütz

Sibylla Plate

Walter Geisler

Karl-Christian Kohn

Branka Musulin


Diverse Werke

The lasting fame of conductor Karl Böhm is based on qualities that were praised by listeners, musicians and critics throughout his long career: his discipline and meticulousness when rehearsing compositions as well as his modesty, his willingness to take second place to work and composer. After many years serving as principal conductor in several opera houses he left his administrative duties behind and embarked on an international career as an acclaimed guest, concert and opera conductor.  He was regularly invited by the New York Met and the Deutsche Oper Berlin, to the festivals in Salzburg (as of 1938) and Bayreuth (as of 1962), he gave guest performances from Tokyo to Moscow, from Milan to Buenos Aires, and at the broadcasting corporations in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Stuttgart where he was invited whenever there was something important to celebrate.

The Radio Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart (formerly known under a few different names and since 2016 merged with its sister from Baden-Baden and Freiburg to form the SWR Symphonieorchester) not only played in its home region, the Southwest of Germany, but toured extensively all over Europe. It has a catalogue of several hundreds of recordings and accompanied during its history many famous soloists. Branka Musulin was an extraordinary pianist who worked with some of the most important conductors of her time, among them Willem Mengelberg, Hermann Abendroth, Franz Konwitschny, Georg Solti and Sergiu Celibidache.


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