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Debussy, Cluade / Poulenc, Francis / Ravel, Maurice / Françaix, Jean: Piano Concertos

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Claude Debussy

Francis Poulenc

Jean Françaix

Maurice Ravel


Florian Uhlig

Deutsche Radio Philharmonie

Pablo González


Tr. 1 Claude Debussy: Fantaisie for Piano and Orchestra

Tr. 4 Jean Françaix: Concertino for Piano and Orchestra

Tr. 8 Francis Poulenc: Concerto pour Piano et Orchestre FP 146

Tr. 11 Maurice Ravel: Concerto G major for Piano and Orchestra

A great program featuring the largely neglected piano concertos from some famous composers active in France between 1890 and 1951. Debussy's 'Fantaisie' was created in a period of change, exploring how the piano could become a voice in the orchestra. After an altercation with the work NOT being played at its scheduled 1890 premiere, the Fantasie had to wait until after Debussy's death for its first performance and is seldom heard in the concert hall today. The contrast with the late romantic Debussy work, Ravel is represented with the bright, humorous G Major Concerto. Poulenc's Piano Concerto is a jewel of sounds and colors, yet still stands in the shadow of his Concerto for Two Pianos. Finally, there is Jean Françaix’s Concertino, composed for a short, witty ten-minute film. Charm and wit, and all the corresponding range of moods are at Florian Uhlig’s command; the result is an entertaining and musically ravishing CD.

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