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Arroyo, Martina: Liederabend 1968

Year recorded


Year published



Antonín Dvořák

Franz Schubert

Gioachino Rossini

Johannes Brahms



Martina Arroyo


Tr. 1 Gioachino Rossini: L' Invito (Bolero - from: Soirées musicales)

Tr. 2 Gioachino Rossini: La Promessa (Canzonetta - from: Soirées musicales)

Tr. 3 Gioachino Rossini: La Danza (Tarantella napoletana - from: Soirées musicales)

Tr. 4 Franz Schubert: Ganymed op. 19 No. 3 D 544

Tr. 5 Franz Schubert: Die junge Nonne op. 43 No. 1 D 828

Tr. 6 Franz Schubert: Das Echo D 868

Tr. 7 Franz Schubert: Rastlose Liebe D 138

Tr. 8 Johannes Brahms: Maiden's Song op. 107 No. 5

Tr. 9 Johannes Brahms: Mädchenlied op. 95 No. 6

Tr. 10 Johannes Brahms: The Girl op. 95 No. 1

Tr. 11 Johannes Brahms: The Maiden's Curse op. 69 No. 9

Tr. 12 Antonín Dvořák: I chant my lay, a hymn of love op. 55 No. 1 (1880)

Tr. 13 Antonín Dvořák: Hark, how my triangle op. 55 No. 2 (1880)

Tr. 14 Antonín Dvořák: Silent and lone the woods around op. 55 No. 3 (1880)

Tr. 15 Antonín Dvořák: Songs my mother taught me op. 55 No. 4 (1880)

Tr. 16 Antonín Dvořák: Tune the strings, oh gipsy op. 55 No. 5 (1880)

Tr. 17 Antonín Dvořák: In his wide and ample, airy linen vesture op. 55 No. 6 (1880)

Tr. 18 Antonín Dvořák: Darf des Falken Schwinge op. 55 No. 7

Tr. 19 Trad.: I stood on the River of Jordan (Spiritual)

Tr. 20 Trad.: Li'l David play on your harp (Spiritual)

Tr. 21 Trad.: City called Heaven (Spiritual)

Tr. 22 Trad.: Witness (Spiritual)

The great soprano Martina Arroyo enjoyed on an unparalleled career on the international stages of opera houses that lasted from the 1960s to the 1980s. Coming from a mixed African-American and Puerto Rican background, she was one of the early singers in the opera world to cross the racial line. Her youthful, dramatic soprano made her an ideal Verdi and Puccini heroine but she could also draw upon the dark, lyrical qualities of her voice to beautifully interpret intimate songs. In this Schwetzingen Festival recital she was at the height of her vocal abilities.

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