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Amadeus Quartett: Recital 1977

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Benjamin Britten

Franz Schubert


Amadeus Quartett


Tr. 1 Benjamin Britten: String Quartet No. 3 op. 94

Tr. 6 Franz Schubert: String Quartet No. 14 d minor D 810 (Death and the Maiden)

The Amadeus Quartet was founded in 1947 in London, by three musicians and an Austrian, who had studied together in Vienna, and were later joined by the English cellist, Martin Lovett. Soon after their formation the ensemble won an international reputation and throughout the 70's became one of the most important chamber ensembles in the world. Today the Amadeus Quartet is still remembered for its sensitive and sonically beautiful interpretations of the classical and romantic repertoire. In addition to other works, one of the quartet’s most frequently performed pieces was Schubert’s famous “Death and the Maiden” - a composition that they delivered with an overwhelming impression. Even if contemporary music did not have a major place in the repertoire of the Amadeus quartet, they did perform and record the Second and Third String Quartets of Benjamin Britten.

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