Steffen Schorn

Cellular Structures

ArticleNr. JAH-475 | 1 CD | 50 min (00:50:00) |  Booklet language  englisch
Year recorded2000
Year published2018

Steffen Schorn


Steffen Schorn Ensemble

New Jazz Meeting Octet


Steffen Schorn: Cellular Structures

Steffen Schorn: Lovesong For All Female Creatures In The Universe

Steffen Schorn is a saxophonist, composer and sound researcher, interested in the extreme high and low registers as well as in the textures of his instrument.

The SWR-recordings from 2000 are for him striking landmarks of his own development. One has the opportunity to hear on this recordings a B♭-tubax (subcontrabasssaxophone), prototype without keys.


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