One Night in Karlsruhe

Michel Petrucciani, Gary Peacock, Roy Haynes

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Year recorded1988
Year published2019

Michel Petrucciani


Michel Petrucciani

Gary Peacock

Roy Haynes


Michel Petrucciani: 13th

Michel Petrucciani: There Will Never Be Another You

Michel Petrucciani: In A Sentimental Mood

Michel Petrucciani: One For Us

Michel Petrucciani: Mr. K.J.

Michel Petrucciani: Embraceable You

Michel Petrucciani: She Did It Again

Michel Petrucciani: La Champagne

Michel Petrucciani: Giant Steps

Michel Petrucciani: My Funny Valentine

Live Recording from July 7th, 1988, Karlsruhe /Germany). A jazz evening that had everything: intimacy and exaltation, subtleties and fireworks, modernism and Old School.

With his predilection for the piano trio as a central form of expression, Michel Petrucciani was out of step with the mid-eighties.

He was a driven man, playing in his most active period more than one hundred concerts a year, with the feeling deep inside him that, given his illness, he had less time available than other people, a feeling which he repeatedly mentioned in talks with friends and journalists. Petrucciani wanted to condense his music, releasing energy under tension in an awaited discharge. The bassist Gary Peacock and the drummer Roy Haynes were the perfect partners. One had been socialized in post bop, sowed his wild oats in Free-Time and later, as a partner of Bill Evans, Paul Bley and Keith Jarrett among others, perfected his trio playing. The other had personally experienced the birth of bebop and was one of the busiest jazz luminaries in his field.


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