Fun Time And More Live

Sammy Nestico and the SWR Big Band

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Year recorded2010
Year published2011



SWR Big Band

Sammy Nestico


Tr. 2 Unbekannt: Fun Time

Tr. 3 Unbekannt: Not Really The Blues

Tr. 4 Unbekannt: Celebracion

Tr. 5 Unbekannt: A Song For Sarah

Tr. 6 Unbekannt: Blue Samuel

Tr. 7 Unbekannt: Samantha

Tr. 8 Unbekannt: Rare Moment

Tr. 9 Unbekannt: A New Day

Tr. 10 Unbekannt: A Pair Of Aces

Tr. 11 Unbekannt: Struttin' With Some Barbecue

Tr. 12 Unbekannt: Orchids And Butterflies

Tr. 13 Unbekannt: Satin 'n' Glass

Tr. 14 Unbekannt: Dimensions in Blue

Sammy Nestico, the High Priest of Big Band jazz returns! And the multi-Grammy nominated SWR Big Band brings new excitement to Sammy Nestico’s swinging charts! Hänssler CLASSIC/SWR Music is proud to announce the latest release of jazz great Sammy Nestico in performance with the SWR Big Band. Sammy Nestico is widely considered to be one of the most important American composer/arrangers in the world. He returns once again, to collaborate with the multi-Grammy nominated SWR Big Band on a program featuring entirely his own compositions.

While renowned for his thrilling arrangements of jazz standards, Sammy Nestico is also one of the great jazz composers, as you will hear for yourself on this new recording. In addition to scintillating new arrangements of tunes from the Grammy-nominated “Fun Time,” Maestro Nestico adds a sheath of other originals in new charts especially created for the jazz virtuosos of the SWR Big Band.

The result of this latest meeting of the Grand Old man of Swing, with the SWR Big Band will continue to delight jazz collectors everywhere.

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