Edith Peinemann

Chamber Music and Concertos by Sibelius, Dvořák, Bartók, Pfitzner

ArticleNr. SWR19074CD | 5 CD | 335 min (05:35:00) |  Booklet language  englisch
Year recorded1952-1965
Year published2019

Antonín Dvořák

Béla Bartók

César Franck

Georg Friedrich Händel

Hans Pfitzner

Jean Sibelius

Johann Sebastian Bach

Josef Suk

Ludwig van Beethoven

Maurice Ravel

Max Reger

Paul Hindemith

Robert Schumann

Tomaso Antonio Vitali

Wolfgang Amadeus Moz


Edith Peinemann

Roberto Peinemann

Heinrich Baumgartner

Helmut Barth

Maria Bergmann

Georg Toussaint

Hartmut Oesterle

Sinfonieorchester des Süddeutschen Rundfunks

Hans Müller-Kray

SWF Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden

Hans Rosbaud

Ernest Bour


CD 1 Tomaso Antonio Vitali: Chaconne g minor

CD 1 Georg Friedrich Händel: Sonata E major for Violin and Piano

CD 1 Max Reger: Suite op. 103a

CD 1 Paul Hindemith: Meditation for Violin and Piano (from the ballet Nobilissima Visione)

CD 1 César Franck: Sonata A major for Violin and Piano

CD 2 Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata No. 1 g minor BWV 1001 for Violin solo

CD 2 Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata minor BWV 1023

CD 2 Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata No. 7 c minor op. 30 No. 2 for Violin and Piano

CD 2 Béla Bartók: Rhapsody No. 1 Sz 86 for Violin and Piano

CD 2 Maurice Ravel: Tzigane – Rhapsody for Violin and Piano

CD 3 Maurice Ravel: Pièce en forme de Habanera

CD 3 Josef Suk: Four Pieces op. 17 for Violin and Piano

CD 3 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonata B flat major K 378 K 317d for Violin and Piano

CD 3 Robert Schumann: Sonata No. 1 a minor op. 105 for Violin and Piano

CD 4 Antonín Dvořák: Concerto a minor op. 53 B. 108

CD 4 Béla Bartók: Violin Concerto No. 2 Sz 112 for Violin and Orchestra

CD 5 Hans Pfitzner: Concerto b minor op. 34 for Violin and Orchestra

CD 5 Jean Sibelius: Violin Concerto d minor op. 47 for Violin and Orchestra

These early studio recordings by the great violinist Edith Peinemann are being released here for the first time physically. The box set contains both chamber music and performances of the violin concertos by Dvořak, Bartok, Pfitzner and Sibelius, which Edith Peinemann performed many times worldwide. The recording of Pfitzner's Violin Concerto, conducted by Hans Rosbaud, was made on 21 December 1962, just a few days after a live performance in Baden-Baden with the Sudwestfunk Symphony Orchestra. Rosbaud died a few days later, making this his last performance, and his final recording.

This 5-CD Boxed Set presents the SWR studio recordings of violinist Edith Peinemann in more or less chronological order. Peinemann began recording at the age of 15, first with her father Robert Peinemann in Mainz, later with the pianists Heinrich Baumgartner and Helmuth Barth, as well as with the SWR fulltime pianist Maria Bergmann in Baden-Baden. Peinemann uses different instruments on these recordings, including a violin made by Fieker in Klingenthal and an instrument made by the London violin maker Daniel Parker that dates from around 1720. From 1965 onwards she played exclusively on a 1732 Guarneri del Gesu.

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