Charles Koechlin

Orchestral Works

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Year published2017

Alexis Emanuel Chabrier

Charles Koechlin

Claude Debussy

Franz Schubert

Gabriel Fauré


Juliane Banse

Sarah Wegener

SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart

Florian Hoelscher

Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des SWR

Heinz Holliger


CD 1 Charles Koechlin: Quatre Poèmes d'Edmond Haraucourt op. 7

CD 1 Charles Koechlin: Deux Poèmes symphoniques op. 43

CD 1 Charles Koechlin: Poèmes d'Automne op. 13

CD 1 Charles Koechlin: Deux Poèmes d'André Chénier op. 23

CD 1 Gabriel Fauré: Chanson de Mélisande

CD 2 Charles Koechlin: Trois Mélodies op. 17

CD 2 Charles Koechlin: Études antiques op. 46

CD 2 Charles Koechlin: Six Mélodies sur des poèsies d'Albert Samain op. 31

CD 2 Charles Koechlin: Chant funèbre à la mémoire des jeunes femmes défuntes op. 37

CD 3 Charles Koechlin: La course de printemps op. 95 (from: Le livre de la jungle)

CD 3 Charles Koechlin: Le buisson ardent op. 171

CD 3 Charles Koechlin: Le buisson ardent op. 203

CD 4 Charles Koechlin: La Méditation de Purun Bhagat op. 159

CD 4 Charles Koechlin: Les heures persanes op. 65 (Version orchestrale)

CD 5 Charles Koechlin: Les Bandar-log op. 176

CD 5 Charles Koechlin: L' offrande musicale sur le nom de B-A-C-H op. 187

CD 6 Claude Debussy: Khamma (arr.: Ch. Koechlin)

CD 6 Charles Koechlin: Sur les Flots lontains op. 130 (sur un Chant donne de Cathérine Urner)

CD 6 Gabriel Fauré: Pélléas et Mélisande op. 80 (arr.: Ch. Koechlin)

CD 6 Franz Schubert: Fantasie C major op. 15 (arr.: Ch. Koechlin)

CD 6 Alexis Emanuel Chabrier: Bourrée fantasque (arr.: Ch. Koechlin)

CD 7 Charles Koechlin: Vers la voûte étoilée op. 129 (Nocturne)

CD 7 Charles Koechlin: Le Docteur Fabricius op. 202 (Symphonic poem after the novel by Charles Dollfus, 1941/1944)

Unique collection of magical orchestral music by Charles Koechlin. Includes many world première recordings. November 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Koechlin's birth. The Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra and Heinz Holliger are experienced interpreters of this special repertoire.

The 150th anniversary of Charles Koechlin’s birth in November 2017 is marked by the reissue of all the Koechlin recordings made by the Südwestrundfunk. They are compiled in two boxed sets of seven CDs each: Box 1 – vocal and orchestral music; Box 2 – piano and chamber music. This comprehensive Koechlin project began in 2001 as a collaboration between the Radio Symphony Orchestra of SWR Stuttgart, conductor Heinz Holliger, and Otfrid Nies of the Charles Koechlin Archive in Kassel.

This release of Koechlin's orchestral works includes many world première recordings and gives a comprehensive overview of Koechlin’s output – from the early orchestral songs to his orchestrations of works by other composers, and to his huge later works.

Charles Koechlin's compositional style was very subtle, full of delicate, colourful combinations of instrumental sounds. Many of his colleagues allowed him to orchestrate their works, simply because Koechlin was a master of the art.

Koechlin’s compositions were also designed for the imagination, often built around extra-musical elements – tales, movies, novels – which of course was the perfect milieu for his telling melodies and instrumental sonorities, producing moments that are magical, reflective and highly expressive.

The 7 CDs contain the recordings made by the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Heinz Holliger, between 2000 and 2012. Also included is La Méditation de Purun Bhagat which was never included in previous albums.

The comprehensive booklet contains an introduction to Charles Koechlin’s life and music, plus detailed information about individual works, prepared by two respected specialists in this music – Otfrid Nies and Robert Orledge. Also included are photographs by Charles Koechlin himself.

Together with the 7-CD Chamber Music boxed set, this represents a unique compendium of the music of this brilliant French composer.


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