A Cool Breeze

Sammy Nestico

ArticleNr. SWR19039CD | 1 CD | 65 min (01:05:00) |  Booklet language  englisch
Year published2017



SWR Big Band

Sammy Nestico


Trad.: Cell Talk

Trad.: Along Came Betty

Trad.: A Cool Breeze

Trad.: I'll Follow My Secret Heart

Trad.: Shirley

Trad.: Close Enough For Love

Trad.: Moonlight on the Ganges

Trad.: Frankie & Johnny

Trad.: Poor Butterfly

Trad.: 'Round Midnight

Trad.: Tippin' in

Trad.: Toni

Trad.: Softly from my Window

Trad.: The Jazz Music Box

Sammy Nestico's long-awaited new album is finally here. New arrangements and masterworks by Sammy Nestico. The SWR Big Band is one of the leading big bands in Germany.

The SWR Big Band's unique reputation for experimentation, collaboration and prioritisation may at first appear surprising, but the ensemble's creative powers have earned it four Grammy nominations in the past. Its independent character combines deep roots in the swing and bop tradition with an open-minded approach to contemporary sounds, plus a thrilling sense of fun in performance. Recent guests such as guitarist Larry Carlton and composer/singer Ivan Lins have been able to contribute to this mix; similarly the entertainer Curtis Stigers and master guitarist Pat Metheny, not to mention the composer and arranger Sammy Nestico, one of the constants in the world of American music since the 1950s. This friendly, white-haired gentleman from Pittsburgh has repeatedly crossed paths with the SWR Big Band. Recordings such as No Time Like The Present (2004), Basie-Cally Sammy (2005), Fun Time (2009) and Fun Time And More – Live (2011), made a key contribution to raising international awareness of Nestico’s late creative phases.

“Beautiful things never disturb” is a motto that Nestico adopted while working with Count Basie, enabling him to leave prevailing fashions behind. The music he wrote for the SWR Big Band sports both funky sounds and elements of fusion, combining swing, a pinch of soul and an emotional orchestral expression. The music moves artfully between reduced combo sounds and opulent textures. The compositional intensity goes far beyond the printed score, a creative mastery that baritone saxophonist Pierre Paquette sums up when saying, “Sammy is the boss!” This sense of mutual understanding was created during the decade-plus period of collaboration between the composer and the orchestra, a collaboration built not only on notes, but also on intuition.


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