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Year recorded[P] 2016
Year published2016

Benyamin Nuss

Nikolai Kapustin


Christine Rauh

Benyamin Nuss

Peter Lehel

Ni Fan

Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern

Nicholas Collon


Tr. 1 Nikolai Kapustin: Duet op. 99 for Saxophone and Violoncello

Tr. 4 Nikolai Kapustin: Sonata No. 2 op. 84 for Violoncello and Piano

Tr. 7 Nikolai Kapustin: Nearly Waltz op. 98

Tr. 8 Nikolai Kapustin: Elegy op. 96

Tr. 9 Nikolai Kapustin: Burlesque op. 97

Tr. 10 Nikolai Kapustin: Eight Concert Études op. 40 No. 1-8, 3. Toccatina - Allegro

Tr. 11 Nikolai Kapustin: Eight Concert Études op. 40 No. 1-8, 5. Shuitka (Raillery) - Vivace

Tr. 12 Nikolai Kapustin: Concerto No. 2 op. 103 for Violoncello and Orchestra

Tr. 15 Benyamin Nuss: Hommage à Kapustin

If one wanted to describe the essence of this recording of Nikolai Kapustin's works for cello, the first words to spring to mind would be groove, swing, wit and charm. There are few CDs that present such an exciting and entertaining mix of classical music and jazz as this new release.

Born in 1937 in Ukraine, Nikolai Kapustin had already gained worldwide acclaim as a jazz pianist, arranger and composer by the 1950s. It's only over the past eight years, however, that he has become better known to a wider audience on account of his several recordings. Kapustin’s music combines the style and rhythmic vitality of jazz with classical forms – something that seems to strike a real chord with audiences and musicians who are interested in experiencing new sounds beyond the classical repertoire.

The young cellist Christine Rauh maintained close contact with the composer throughout the recording process, and she performs here with an outstanding collection of young musicians, from both classical and jazz backgrounds.


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